The SprayDo range of mobile chemical applicators. Remote controlled and suitable for a range of domestic and commercial environments.


The SprayDo side of the business was born because we couldn't find a simple and professional softwashing and cladding unit to suit our purposes. When we started down the road of softwashing and chemical application all the products were either big van mounted solutions or small self built machines that didn't really fit the bill.

So the SprayDo was born, it's an adjustable speed 50ltr cart that can be easily moved around a patio, house or warehouse and with it's remote control facility it makes using a WFP and brush so simple and safe as you are not spraying chemical everywhere.

As an exterior cleaning company the SprayDo has transformed the way we work and the customers we've now attracted, we've cleaned shopping centres, stately homes, factories as well as a host of domestic projects. It's changed our company and I'm sure it will yours.

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